Yolo! Just got my #new #hairtsyle but I almost don’t like it. Lol. Neh-nevermind. ..

A girl with glasses makes me more attractive but she’s not bisexual or straight girl, hopefully.
I admit it

I love Jennifer but she can’t be my girlfriend. Besides we both single for a while but she’s looks straight for me through my eyes!
I admit it

A while ago #summer #awesome


“Why are you angry?! I did it!” Emma asked, and Regina was like, “I’m not angry at you for not listening, I’m angry because we have the potential to be in beautiful character-building scenes like this on a regular basis but the show is wasting it you have so much potential in you that’s gone to waste.” - Lily Sparks


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Regina looked positively floored that Emma was talking about the two of them doing magic with both her parents in the room but she kept her cool and reminded Emma, “This is a way of life, maybe even, shall we say, an alternative lifestyle. Don’t play with my emotions. Are you going to fully commit to it or what?” And Emma was like, “YES OH GOD YES” and Regina was like, “It’s a date! See you in my super secret vault chambers very soon.” - Lily Sparks

Love this one. LOL.

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