Straight girls be like:
"Take me to the wonderland"

Gay girls be like:
"Take me to the cemetery"

Yolo! Just got my #new #hairtsyle but I almost don’t like it. Lol. Neh-nevermind. ..

A girl with glasses makes me more attractive but she’s not bisexual or straight girl, hopefully.
I admit it

I love Jennifer but she can’t be my girlfriend. Besides we both single for a while but she’s looks straight for me through my eyes!
I admit it

A while ago #summer #awesome


“Why are you angry?! I did it!” Emma asked, and Regina was like, “I’m not angry at you for not listening, I’m angry because we have the potential to be in beautiful character-building scenes like this on a regular basis but the show is wasting it you have so much potential in you that’s gone to waste.” - Lily Sparks


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